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The Amazing Advantages of Google+

Google is the number one search engine nowadays. It is considered to be the top choice for internet browsers, advertisers and businessmen. But with their new Google+, people would surely love the features that they created. It is as if they have merged their search engine into a big and huge social networking media. Although it is much like the well known Facebook because of its capabilities to share photos, videos and many others but actually, it is a unique social network. Here’s the reason why.

Advantages of Google+

google plus 1. The Google+ focuses on sharing different social groups not on the large group of friends. Subscribers on this social network can drag and drop their own friends and buddies into different social circles like family, friends, co-workers and many others. They can classify them according to what group they want. Whenever a friend is removed from the list, a smoke and an animation will appear and on the other hand, when a group is removed, it will roll away on the screen.

2. The Google+ also features a different kind of photo storage and video chat. There is a section designed for viewing, managing as well as editing a certain multimedia. Photos that are tagged, shared and uploaded can be edited with the image editor. Meanwhile, the video chat allows a particular group of friends or loved ones to chat together. It can accommodate to a maximum of 10 people and the good thing about it is the cool features that it presents. The chat screen will quickly change as to whoever will be talking so it is like talking to an actual big group.

3. There is also an engine where users can find interesting contents such as articles, photos, videos and many others that are fascinating for one’s preference. This is called the Google+ Sparks wherein every up-to-date and significant contents coming from the Google search engine and in this social network can be obtained. It is much like a one-stop shop wherein a user does not need to open another search engine to search for something rather; he/she will just use the Sparks feature and find anything and everything on it.

4.Β  Google+ can also be accessed through Android mobile phones. This application can allow the user to access the features of Google+ anywhere he/she goes. Whether he/she wants to utilize the Sparks or connecting to his/her group of friends is desired, it is all possible with just the convenience of an Android phone.

Β Despite the fact that Google+ is much like the prominent Facebook and Twitter, they make sure that they have the features that none of them possesses. So it is definitely a brand new social network, not a copy cat from those mentioned social network sites. More features will be included in the months to come.


  1. They also added the trending in search and the chat feature with other G+ users. Two fantastic features added.

  2. I have yet to familiarize myself with Google+, but so far, I have really high hopes it’ll be truly useful to me to be active on there in the long run. πŸ™‚

  3. Google+ is my SNS of choice. I believe it will be a big help to bloggers soon, much better than FB especially in terms of SERP. Take note that it is owned by the search giant itself. What more can you ask?

    Let’s all begin using Google+.

  4. Google Plus also influences searches when you’re log in on your google account =)

  5. keep sharing more tips for google plus πŸ™‚

  6. I am aware of the great benefits that Google has to offer to each and everyone of us. i am certain many Google users are so happy because they are able to access well with Google and they are able to meet all their goals through Google.

  7. I’m still learning my way here…or maybe because I’m too comfortable with fb I don’t bother giving google+ much time…
    do you perhaps know how to syndicate feed from a blog to google pages? πŸ˜€

  8. hope google plus will have more integrations like facebook though

  9. I don’t know. I’m not that excited yet. πŸ˜›

  10. Ohhh, another post about Google+. I like a lot of its features, especially the part where you’d be forced to organize your contacts to circles. I don’t think they’d be able to beat Facebook though.

    One observation is I see a ton more interesting articles on Google+. I don’t know how exactly to explain that, but I’ve clicked and read more articles on Google+ than on Facebook.

  11. FB need not be threatened… for now as they are not yet running on an exactly parallel path. But in the near future, they might.

    Good post on G+ here Herbert! πŸ™‚

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