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Blogging to the Next Level – Bloggers You Dare Not to Follow

What is Blogging?

For most people, the word “blogging” seems to be a new word for them. Not all people that uses the internet are blogging, some just went online to do research, some played online games, there are also people that only hang around on their favourite social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Before I started blogging, I used to ask myself the same question, “What is blogging?”.

Well, to give everyone an idea of what is blogging.This is my basic understanding of what blogging is.

Blogging is the act of making a blog. It’s the fact that the writing happens on a blog makes it different than other types of writing. So what’s a blog? The word blog is short for the phrase web log, a “log” of diary-like posts published on a certain website. This is how it began, bloggers publishing their day by day thoughts for all their followers to read on their website.

Most of the time, blog posts happen to be short, quick clips – each post has its own exceptional webpage address known as permalink, an outlook, a thought, a rant. And sometimes they are longer, sympathetic essays. Sometimes new contents are posted each few minutes. It all relies on the blogger and what he/she desires to convey. Posts sometimes let readers or followers to leave comments.


They Came, I Saw, They Conquer

I have been blogging for quiet a while now and I can say that I’m not that successful, I had to admit that I am really not that good at blogging. As I roam on the blogosphere, I met several people who excel and made their ways through. I tried following their footsteps and learn tips and words of encouragement and motivation. I am really grateful that inspite of their busy schedules they still gave time on sharing their thoughts.

To name them all would take me a while so I listed some of the best minds in the blogosphere who gave and shared their knowledge not just to me but on all of the aspiring writers and bloggers who strive and work hard to get into the game.

Uhmm.. with no further ado and in no particular order, here’s my very own list of blogging mentors.

Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips

As what i have read on Ms. Ileane’s profile, she started blogging in July, in year 2009 with WordPress and Blogger. She provides tips and guidelines regarding the Social Media Optimizer that are probably helpful for a lot of bloggers or entrepreneurs to reach their goals and to have some fun along the way.   She gladly shares all her knowledge and skills to all people that want to pursue their career through social media.

One of my favorite posts from her blog.

Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe

 She runs the blog Traffic Generation Cafe that carries most profit-pulling free traffic generation guidelines, tips & tricks, and resources to the people who also runs their own websites and businesses. A proud mother and a loving wife.

One of my favorite posts from her blog.

Bryan Hawkins of Hot Blog Tips

Sir Brian is  in this business for a couple of  years already and tried to get in the internet marketing business thinking it was a better opportunity to earn bigger money, but after a couple of years in it, he realized that blogging is truly his passion and carries on as a great blogger.

One of my favorite posts from his blog.

Wong Chen Dong of The Bad Blogger

Wong Cheng Dong aka The Bad Blogger is the man behind of The Bad Blogger, He blogs about copy-writing, internet marketing and other blogging related topics. He had been already featured as a guest bloggers in a lot of popular blog sites. He’s also the author of infamous “Scam Sales Page Uncensored” – a complete guide that will tell you what you have to know to be able to rapidly spot a scam site.

One of my favorite posts from his blog.

Bob Clarke of Bob and Rosemary

Sir Bob Clarke, together with his wife Rosemary started the blog site Bob and Rosemary in the year 2007, this blog site gives people a broad variety of content, tips & tricks and other information related to internet marketing, personal growth, and leadership to reach your success. They also provide new content in the type of “how-to” instructions articles, video clips, product reviews and podcast.

One of my favorite posts from his blog.

Gerardo Wainstein of Sweets Foods

Sir Gera is a food blogger who runs the blog site Sweets Foods. Though it says to its blog name, he doesn’t just exclusively blog about sweet foods, he also writes about social media, social networking useful information and opinions.

One of my favorite posts from his blog.

Jane Sheeba of Problogging Success

As what i have read about Ms. Jane’s page, aside from being a blog expert and a scientist, she is also a loving mother and a beautiful wife to a smart and intellegent husband. She blogs regularly at Pro Blogging Success and Tech Buzz Online.

One of my favorite posts from her blog.

Kimberly Casteberry of Just Ask Kim

All I can say about Ms Kim is, she is the type of person that you can count on if you need advices and tips on how to be effective. Aside from being an expert, she is really a passionate and helping person, .

One of my favorite posts from her blog.

Adrienne Smith of Adrienne Smith Blog

She is a social media and blogging fanatic from Texas and blogs regularly at Adrienne Smith blog that provides a variety of content, tips & tricks, and information regarding social media, personal growth, and online marketing. She also launched a training site which walks people through the basics of how to get started business online.  Anything from how to start blogs to understanding keyword research, and what products and services do you really need as well as money saving tips and ideas.

One of my favorite posts from her blog.

Francisco Perez of iBlogzone

DiTesco is an online business entrepreneur and runs the blog iBlogZone with a purpose to help aspiring business owners and bloggers to start a profitable online business. He provides helpful tips on blogging, making money online, internet marketing, SEO and a lot more. iBlogZone is a total guide to begin and construct your home based business.

One of my favorite posts from his blog.

And that’s it, my top 10 bloggers whom I considered mentors in my humble venture of becoming a successful blogger.

Finishing Touches

There are numerous benefits that blogging brings to your life than just the money part. It gives us pleasure when thoughts and ideas are becoming an inspiration to our readers. The ideas and the ability to share knowledge can really change many people’s lives. Blogging is a free flowing means and free to consume mode of teaching our readers. Just as we write at our paces, our readers have the liberty to decide and learn the things that they desire.

Blogging is an excellent way of showcasing ones talent, if you exert yourself on your blog and take it to higher level then it’s somehow obvious that you will be recognize among bloggers everywhere and it will provide you a great sense of success.


  1. Awesome compilation! but how about Darren Rowse and John Chow? 🙂

  2. Wow, I’m honored to appear on this list of great bloggers. Thank you so much! I think there is only one blog here that I haven’t visited yet and I’m going to check it out now.
    Btw – You’re doing a great job with your blog and it’s really looking good! Cheers!

  3. Hi Herbert, I’m not sure what your definition of a successful bloggers is but I would say you are an excellent blogger. Thank you for linking out to my blog. I am a regular reader of every single blog you have linked to, you have great taste.

  4. Hi Herbert,

    Thanks for the feature, I’m so honored. And, I’m so glad that I could be of help to you 🙂

    I see that you are already doing a great job with blogging and networking 🙂

    BTW, my name is Jane Sheeba 🙂


  5. Hi Herbert. What can I say but a big thank you for the honors. Being a successful blogger is indeed the points that you have pointed out, but what makes a difference admitting “something” whole heatedly. You have done just that and I am sure that you are in the right path. Keep it up and once again, thanks. Like Ileane, I know all of them but one, which I intend to quickly remedy the situation 🙂

  6. I just hope that you put also some of their tips and not only of their profile now, I need to go through their link just to read it, Thanks for sharing

    • Herbert

      Hi Chris, if im going to elaborate their tips, it would take me days to come up with a post since their tips are too many.. Better check their blogs and I tell you, you wouldn’t regret it 😀

  7. ei herbert, what an excellent compilation of bloggers you’d got here!
    though I’m not really a blogger, but I do read and follow some of the bloggers that listed above. =)

    great blog and thanks for sharing! 😛

  8. Nice compilation! There are some that are familiar to me. 🙂

  9. Hi Herbert!

    Thanks for the feature on your blog, which is awesome by the way. I love the clean design and the organization of your content. Very easy to navigate!

    It is my honor that you often stop by our blog to read the posts and comment. Remember that blogging is a PROCESS — the more you do, the better you’ll be. And the fact that you are studying those that are a bit higher up on the learning curve will serve you well.

    You are a rising star in the blogging world, Herbert. Keep shining!

  10. Really well done! You promoted many other people and gave links to their articles. I like it!


  11. thanks for this great post, i appreciate your efforts; i am blessed by reading your post, each time i visit your blog i am newly informed.There is always a new thing to be learn. Keep posting, keep adding value to all bloggers globally. i remain loyal, i will keep visiting and recommend your blog.

    Remain inspired and blessed!

  12. I got some of good blogs from this post that I was missing and really need to enhance my blogging. Its good to follow masters and read their advices with their work,

  13. Hey Herbert,

    Loving this post. Successful blogging is in my eyes subjective. It is nice to see such a great list of people you consider successful. I love Kim and I know Bob and Rosemary as well. I love blogging for many reasons, mostly to share my knowledge, to help others succeed and to build wonderful long lasting relationships.

    I wouldnt be without my blog for anything in the world.


  14. Herbert,

    Excellent List! I have a similar link that you can find on my blog on a page called “blog list”. I follow many of the same people such as Ms. Ileane, Ana Hoffman, Kimberly Castleberry! Thanks for putting this together.

    Great Job!

    — Jupiter Jim

  15. Bravo. as always, very informative post and inspiring too. Yes, we bloggers are the light to those who have been blind in their way. 😀

  16. so from these heaps you were inspired to apply SEO and SMO respectively. 🙂 great compilation!

  17. Very much agree with your last paragraph. What I love about blogging most is the fact that by doing the things I love, I am able to meet others who share my interests and in some way, inspire them. 🙂

  18. I am not familiar with someof the names you mentioned but I follow Copyblogger,Problogger and Guy Kawasaki. I am subscribed to Daily Blog Tips, DumbLittle man, and WPMUDEV.org, and Lifehacker.

  19. Nice list, but my mentors when I was starting this blogging career were Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey, John Chow, Darren Rowse of Problogger, Copyblogger, Seth Godin, Shoemoney, and a lot more. Among the list, I know the blogger from badblogger. 🙂 Someday you will also be successful, and this blog will be followed by a lot of bloggers.

  20. I liked how you laid out in simple terms what a blog is. I think we tend to forget that most blogs are just people writing there thoughts down. I haven’t heard of any of the blogs you listed! Thanks for that, I really liked some of them and will follow them.

  21. Great list Herbert! May also add Kristi Hines of Kikolani.com and Daniel Scocco of the dailyblogtips.com ?

  22. A very well explained and elaborated topic. Well done Iamherbert.

  23. Awesome list, Herbert! I’m a follower of Ileane Smith, I guess, I found new great bloggers to follow! =)

  24. Wow! We pretty much share the same list of bloggers to go to when it comes to blogging tips, tricks and lessons. The knowledge they share is just priceless. Much of the success of my blog (no matter how petty it is compared to theirs) is because of them.

    Thanks for pointing out Gerardo Wainstein Of Sweets Foods. I’ve been struggling for a long time if it is a good idea to incorporate some blog tips to mine (since mine is a food and travel blog). Gonna be following him too and learn from him how he does it.

  25. Hi Herbert,
    I also used the internet to do research and also for general entertainment reasons. Now that I blog, it seems that 98% of my activities are blog related and not personal.

    I like the interesting pictures that Wong uses on his site. 🙂

  26. That’s a great collection of blogs you compiled here for us, Herbert.

    Yes, as you mentioned, when I think that blogging was just some basic diary in the beginning and now, look at it! It’s becoming the “one thing” online.

  27. nice collection of bloggers are here now most of making probloggers now.
    thanks for this list i not know 2 of this list.

  28. Your mentors must feel great seeing how successful you are now. Being successful is hard unless there is someone that will gladly support you all the way. Thank you for the post!

  29. I visited their sites and they really have good content. I only know some of them so this is really a good information because I’ve found great additions to the list of watched blogs. =)

  30. I guess Ana Hoffman is truly worthy to follow. She’s included in the Engagement from Scratch book. Her traffic generation insights are cool.

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