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SEO 101 – What is Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking?

I can describe Social Bookmarking as the tagging of a website and saving it later or whenever you want. In social bookmarking, you are saving them on the web instead of saving them on to your web browser. So that means you can easily share them on your friends online.

Social bookmarking is just a more public version of the bookmarking you can do on your own browser. You usually go to the ‘Bookmark’ menu in your own browser to bookmark the page you want so you can remember a page or a certain website on the internet. Social bookmarking sites give you with a platform on which you are able to save of your bookmarks as sharing them with other people online.

social bookmarking

The purpose of social bookmarking is not only to keep track on your favorite pages or sites and to send them easily to your friends, with this, you can also see what other people have seen interesting enough to tag. Social bookmarking sites are used in several ways to sort out the bookmarks, so creating pages and sections of marked content, making the web content simpler to see.

Below is the list of some well-liked bookmarking sites you can use:


BizSugar is the ideal resource and social networking community for Small Business bloggers. The BizSugar community is carry by Anita Campbell of Small Biz Trends and her workforce. If you have felt overpowered by the huge amount of business details online, then this site is for you. BizSugar is a social bookmarking and networking site for new business and medium-sized business holders and managers. It lets you to submit, share and choose for the most excellent business detail links over the Internet.


Blokube is a social voting site committed to experts in Blogging, Marketing, SEO, SEM, and Web development. The man purpose of Blokube is to support relations between bloggers & marketers by “voting” with each other’s articles. It is an interaction that enhances excellence comments and interactive discussions. Blokube is one of the best rising social bookmarking sites for bloggers.


Fark is a social community site that is lets users to submit and share links to content they like, but those links are assessed by Fark administrators who decide which links come out on the Fark home page. Different from other social bookmarking sites; it is used generally for sharing news content. However, you be able to use it as well to submit content on other topics.


DZone is a social bookmarking network meant for website developers and programmers. Home page stories receive 5 to 15 votes and are able to be shared via Twitter. You are able to generate an extremely basic profile, and interaction is restricted to story comments and forum sharing. DZone is a free link sharing community using a Digg style boundary.


StumbleUpon is extremely simple to use if you download the StumbleUpon toolbar after you register. When you find a webpage you like, just click on the “thumbs up” symbol on the StumbleUpon toolbar to share it with other StumbleUpon users. It’s not as useful if you are searching for something precise, but it is lots of fun and a great thing to kill boredom.


Stylehive is a social bookmarking site that is decisive on shopping. Stylehive assists its users to follow and share styles they like by creating tagged collections. It allows its user to comment and talk with other Stylehive members, and professionals can promote themselves and be known in by the world with their own way of style. And also, Stylehive allows its members to build and share their own shopping wish lists for certain occasions.


Like a lot of bookmarking sites, Kaboodle was founded as a place to bookmark images and links. Knowing the profits lay with bookmarking products, maybe, it rapidly started to crack down on social shopping and peer recommendations.


Care2 isn’t only a networking community for experts: It’s advertised as the worldwide network for organizations and people who make a difference. If your business is exerting efforts to go green, let others be acquainted with becoming a member on this site.


Sphinn is devoted to allowing users share and talk about stories on the web associated to search and interactive marketing. You can participate in a discussion about any bookmarked item. Discussions on Sphinn are normally vigorous and extremely interactive. You can also look for other users on Sphinn’s Network page.


Jamespot is a total website and search engine around RSS feeds. Jamespot thinks that the broad web search engines are now too big and general and don’t find you the results you need. It is a social bookmarking site that lets user to create customizable pages – the spots, with the intention that you can carry together and present your favorite websites and share your interests with other people on the web.

There are a lot of bookmarking sites available on the web and they will let you look through the items derived from the most popular, recently added, or they usually belong to a precise list or category. The helpful effects of social bookmarking for a lot of sites are outstanding. Social bookmarking can initiate your sites or your favorite site to others, and it can drive traffic to your site, and important backlinks.

For all people who are keen to the Internet and have that endless expedition for information and find it hard to control their folder, Social Bookmarking is the answer, it is an appropriate tool for storing different resources of information in single database.

Final Words about Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great foundation to drive targeted traffic to your website. It is an appealing way which was not tapped by a lot of website owners to the level it can be tapped. The key to get traffic with social bookmarking is to be a social. If you begin submitting links without sharing and without suggesting it to others, you will finish up without traffic. In other words, social bookmarking is a great way to obtain more traffic to your site.

It doesn’t take instructional technology certification to understand basic concepts like social bookmarking, as you can find this relevant information all over the world wide web


  1. I read somewhere that bookmarking too many SEO would result to confusion and some more popular seo might erased you because they might classified you as spammer. Is there any truth in that article?

    • Herbert

      I havent heard of that but if you will do bookmarking properly, it turn out well. there are a lof of good bookmarking site you can choose and choose the best and bookmark wisely.

      • I would try to look for that particular article nakaka confused yun! Anyway di ako gumagamit ng SEO pero dahil sabi mo basta ginawa the right way sige i try ko po

  2. I’ve been using the Bizsugar application ever since. It’s very helpful and useful

  3. Hello Herbert, in you list of bookmarking sites, I only use StumbleUpon. The rest, I haven’t tried.

    By the, why you did not include Delicious in your list? Are there many disadvantages with this site? Before I even get into blogging, I already use Delicious for personal bookmarks.

  4. Is it true though that if you have StumbleUpon, your Google Adsense can get banned?

  5. I think delicious is no longer operational? tama ba? I remembered receiving an email about it being discontinued? I use stumbleupon too 🙂

  6. i only started StumbleUpon a few days back..that’s the only one i use from the list, maybe i’ll check the others if i have time…not much into SEO thingy…

  7. I have a stumbleupon account but i forgot my login details there.

  8. Thanks for the helpful tips. I’ve bookmarked these bookmarking sites. ^_^

  9. wow! i just bookmarked this, copied your link also in my pad, i’ll get back to this again 🙂

  10. i don’t use book marking site .I should probably start now to keep track of my fav. pages. I will check BizSugar and StumbleUpon.

  11. same a julie, i have stumbleupon but i’m not using it.

  12. Since I am just new with blogging, I always get the best tips and knowledge from you. You’re great! I just love how you share ideas, very helpful to us!

  13. I use stumbleupon as a social bookmarking site. I mean, I got a lot of interesting information from stumbling there. Plus, it makes everything easier.

  14. and i learned something new again today .. galing! thank you … hopefully i get to use this …

  15. this actually some blogger have been missing

  16. Of all bookmarking sites you listed, StumbleUpon is the only one I’m familiar with, and blimey I have yet to get familiar with it. Well, nobody’s too old to learn so that’s a ray of hope there.

  17. this is a technical topic. too technical for me to handle. ahahaha

  18. I have used SU but didn’t really use it for the socialbookmarking purpose…thanks to your post and I’ve learned a lot. Keep it up!

  19. Social Bookmarking is an advanced art for indexing our URLs on quick index. But if we used it with some smart way then this is the best way to increase backlinks to our blog posts

  20. This is an informative post. I am not aware of that social bookmarking. I hope all bloggers will be able to know about that.

  21. I will get back to this list! 🙂

  22. I use StumbleUpon. I have not tried any of the others – I should give them a try. I’ve found some great things thanks to SU

  23. hmm…information overload again! nice post!! thank you!

  24. Is Social Bookmarking still effective nowadays??

  25. Great social bookmarking site your mentioned and i guess you should add ( BlogEngage.com social bookmarking site ) as it is one of the very active communities.

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Herbert you really changed my perspective of social bookmarking and how I see it. No doubt, social bookmarking platforms have much potential to drive relevant traffic to websites and ideal place to market your brand. But I guess you are missing a big player of social bookmarking game.

    Stumbleupon!! through which people are driving traffic in terms of thousands to their website. I know this post was meant for beginners but I would request to let us know how we can use the power of Stumble upon

  27. yes social bookmarking is the nest way to get back links. It is also helpful To get the traffic in your site. You have shared a nice information here. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  28. I usually don’t leave remarks at blogs, but your post inspired me to comment on your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Hey….
    It seems to be a very good describe…
    It is very helpful and easy to understand description about the social bookmarking..

  30. Great List Herbert, When i joined BlogEngage that time i used BizSugar and Blockube but not now bcz of heavy workload its really awesome SB sites its really help us to get highquality Backlinks and visits.
    I am verymuch Active on SU and its my best 🙂
    I would like to use Care2 and Fark.

  31. That’s a very useful list of Social Bookmarking sites. Blog Engage should be added on the list. They are growing so fast.

  32. I love lists like these because I haven’t explored many of these avenues and I really enjoy new things. I will keep checking back for updates. Thank You.

  33. This list is so useful for me.I got so much great information, thanks a lot for sharing such nice post.

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