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Facebook Store Made Easy with Tabjuice

It is a fact that everyone wants to have a business of their own and wants to end employment or in worse scenario end up being a bum. It is also a fact that everyone enjoys facebook, and in South East Asia facebook dominates all social network sites, so what about the other parts of the world.


If you are thinking of setting up a business of course you would like to market your products to where most people are. We can’t deny the fact that most people are in facebook so Dylan Whitman and Jeff Church came up to create Tabjuice. This application is originally created for small or micro businesses to offer their products online through facebook.

With Tabjuice, a seller can leverage selling his product without letting fans or friends ever leave their facebook accounts. The product is absolutely free and does not take any commission from the seller if ever a sale is made.  It can also provide business and social analytics, which is important to be able to check if the product being advertised is accessible to and being seen by target markets. Through its custom branding features, the user can customize his page in order to set to an interface that will nicely go along with the product being marketed. You won’t really sweat setting up this store and managing it will also come handy with its entire user friendly feature.

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In order to take advantage of this beautiful product, first thing needed to do is to sign up. You can visit Tabjuice.com to check the sign up options the application has to offer. Upon signing you will be asked by the application to give access to your facebook account so you can proceed with setting up the store right away. You may utilize the store designer in order to customize the color settings of your store. You can never get wrong because Tabjuice will explain to you everything you need to know with its settings. Some of the options that will be available to you are putting the description and product name on your item. You will also be able to set time zone and what type of store you would like to have.

Never worry about the payment, Tabjuice already secured this for you through its Payment Gateway. This menu allows you to set how you would like to receive payment from your customers. Options available are PayPal, PayPal Pro and Authorize.net. Please note that PayPal Pro and Autorize.net have a minimal charge.  Tabjuice also have a proposition for you when it comes to shipping and handling, you will find this thing self explanatory and easy to understand, so take it away from you list of things to worry about.

Introduction Video about Tabjuice

Imagine never leaving your place but being able to offer product and services to your friends anywhere in the globe. I encourage you to visit Tabjuice to see what’s in store.


  1. Since there are many tagged images in Facebook that is all about “Selling Items”, I think this will help them to organize their items in a professional manner. This must be shared to them. Good Post 🙂

  2. This is a cool app! I’ve got client who sells workbooks so it’s a good thing that I can help her set up a store right in FB. Just hoping that it doesn’t cost too much.

  3. Hi Herbert. I like the analytics for checking target market accessibility and custom interface branding features. I’ll definitely have to check this new product out. Thanks!

  4. A lot of applications are now interfacing with Facebook. I think it is a smart move for tabjuice to embark on the same strategy. I am not into selling things yet, but this tool is a must-check. Thanks for sharing!

  5. hey this looks really intriguing! Thanks for sharing the video about tabjuice, it looks easy enough 🙂

  6. uh oh, Watch out multiply….facebook will give you a run for your money….

  7. I do think this is a good app! Give it a few weeks and businesses, page owners and even bloggers will surely make this big!

  8. Well, Facebook is very influential as a social media and most people depend on this site for buying products. I hope it will be a big help especially to online marketing. Thank you so much for great posting.

  9. Tabjuice seems for me as a very promising apps for small business. Just do not like giving access to my Facebook account. Thank you for the info.

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