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Advantages of Outsourcing Your Job

Gaining competitive advantages in outsourcing jobs is mostly the reason why large businesses are outsourcing. This being a norm than an option is giving many advantages to companies such as cost saving and speed in service.  Outsourcing service makes an easy access to utilize skills and set of expertise needed by large companies in no time and with less investment.


If a company that needs hundreds of people to serve a certain department, example accounting department or front office people to answer calls, instead of investing their funds to hire and train people which will also take time to become productive, they will instead outsource this service.  Aside from being able to get the expertise needed in no time, companies will also be able to save a lot of money because they can acquire the service with lesser cost.  Often times, outsourcing services are easier and more affordable if taken from developing countries such as in China, India, Bangladesh and Philippines in Asia.

Common jobs being outsourced by large companies are back office works such as data entry, process of customer support requirements, front office customer service, email handling and payroll processing. Most of these are at the lower end of the operations of large companies.  On the other hand, there are also few companies who capitalize on high end services such as legal outsourcing as well as manufacturing designs.

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Because most companies that provide the needs of large companies are in Asia, the difference in time zone also gives an advantage.  Works are done while the companies in the West are closed and by day break, the job needed are all finished already. Since large operation takes a lot of time and effort to manage, having it outsourced also free up the large companies to do this. Meanwhile they can focus on other aspects of their business where they need hands on and more focus for the advantage of their customers and stake holders.

Focus on expertise and increase in productivity is another thing a large corporation can take advantage in outsourcing services from other countries.  Outsourced companies always align their services to the needs and deliverable of the large companies.  This is taken into consideration alongside productivity and efficiency all the time. Streamlining business process always provides a good result to both the outsourcing company and the outsourced.

BPO or business processing office has also given great contribution to the lives of many working individuals in the metro.  In the Philippines, many young urban professional have taken part in the growing of these BPO. Business districts have been alive during night time because of graveyard shift of many BPO employees. Thus, business is also booming to support the needs of employees on a day to day basis.

In a nutshell, outsourcing jobs is a better option to get more result at a lesser price and at a quicker phase.  This is also a way to give opportunities to many people to earn a living while your own company benefits from cost cutting.


  1. alternative to save on manpower is outsourcing. the trend will likely to continue in this digital world.

  2. I love the illustration used. You pointed out that most of the companies are in Asia…that’s a budget-strategy too no?

  3. I’m actually part of the outsourcing scene, as I’ve been a contractor for 2 years now, for a US-based company. This kind of setup has been efficient for both me and the client.

  4. outsourcing, by far, correct me if am wrong, has provided the country a lot of benefits..one of these is the call center/BPO jobs..

  5. outsourcing is a trend now due to its cost and efficiency benefits

  6. I believe outsourcing boost PH economy kahit na papano..big help din sa mga Pilipino..

  7. Outsourcing is one of the most common business practices these days..

  8. I agree with Shengkay, outsourcing really help Filipino especially sa mga home based 🙂

  9. i almost land a position in this kind of job but i had second thoughts of accepting it because of the schedule and i couldn’t afford to let my kids see me either sleeping in the morning or out in the night and of course, i never plan to let my husband sleep without me beside him. my family is my priority and being with them 24/7 is my utmost concern. anyways, i leave the enormous advantage of outsourcing to those pinoys who make this as their bread n butter.

  10. Yes, it helped a lot of Filipinos, including me. I think Philippines is one of the countries that will dominate in outsourcing in the near future.

  11. At first I wanted to have a data entry job but some say some online jobs are not legit so I resorted to blogging as a source of my income. 🙂

  12. Outsourcing has really become a big thing not only in the country but worldwide. I’ve tried being an article writer for clients before, and hope I can get another home-based work soon 🙂

  13. I am glad that outsourcing has boomed, and that we Filipinos are among the top choices for outsourced workers. Thanks to outsourcing, I got a job in the call center industry, and even now that I’m working from home, it is still a big thanks to outsourcing.

  14. Best is that they will have more time to focus on with the “Bigger Picture”. With the prevalence of outsourcing companies it’s not that hard to find affordable one that will best fit with their outsourcing needs:)

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