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[Video] Blogger Relations: Build Business Relationships with other Work-at-Home Bloggers in Future of Publishing

Many bloggers are phenomenal writers and know a thing or two about affiliate marketing but they don’t know how to work with other bloggers. As a result, they don’t have very many readers even though the ones they do have adore them and frequently convert in their affiliate programs. In this week’s Future of Publishing episode, host Murray Newlands of Influence People interviews Digital Photography School owner Darren Rowse about why building relationships with other bloggers is critical to successful blogging:

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  • Develop genuine relationships with other bloggers…
  • and monetize that relationship in a mutually beneficial way.
  • Failing to develop relationships with other bloggers can be any blogger’s Achilles’ heel.

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  1. it’s really important to be with good terms with other bloggers, so better be careful with what you say and do because you’ll never know…in the future those you belittle will be the one helping you…

  2. true enough! without a solid foundation/relationship with other bloggers, one cannot build lasting results.. we really need to connect with others to withstand the developing digital world..

  3. At this point of time, many people are already working from home and they are receiving and earning good money from their business. The idea that you have here will really work to those people who are planning their business.

  4. Nice article! Building a relationship is sometimes more important than the product/work it self because if you have gained a good business relationship with your client, they will value you back. As a writer, you want to establish a good reputation so you’ll be recommended to other prospective clients as well.

  5. Ilove Digital Photography school! I admit I’m not good relating to other bloggers…I just have a lot of blogs and that’s the downside to it πŸ™

  6. You’re actually the person who influenced us to socialize more with the blogging community and we thank you for that πŸ™‚

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