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Simple Steps to Successful Blogging

Do you know that blog posting and commenting do not just stand as an effective way of self- expression? It is also the finest technique in pushing your website a little bit higher in the search engine optimization ranking. How often do you leave blog comments? How often do you post your own blogs? Do you think that blog commenting is just a waste of time? Please don’t. Leave that thought behind because the more comments you posted to blogs made by other users, the more opportunity you can grab from such action. More specifically, doing so will certainly open up new friendship with people having the same aim as yours. And that is to increase the traffic and back links for your website.

Trolls are inevitable in the blogging industry. Local news today presents evidences that point towards bloggers who encounter difficulties and challenges along the way. In fact, others are not fully acquainted with the differentiation between a blog post and a comment. To protect blog owners from being trapped in this dilemma, here are significant steps and tips that a blogger must reflect on in successful blogging. What are these tips? Take a look at these.


First, install a spam blocker plug-in. This will sort out spam remarks in your posted blog. This is a system that automatically redirects into a folder all the irrelevant comments coming from businessmen who spend time commenting on your blog in the aim of increasing their website’s traffic in doing so. In this manner, the blog owner will no longer check and delete those spam stuffs by hand.

Second, set a scheme that enables you (as the blog owner) to approve the comments before making them live. This is an efficient strategy in making sure that all the remarks from new members are related to your blog. In a more specific manner, the blog writer has the final say whether or not approve these comments. Bear in mind that you have the power and right to delete those messages that are not contributing positively to the trend. Blogs are the best ways to express opinions and inspire other people. It serves as a community of intellectual people interacting with each other in a healthy environment.


Third, spend time replying to the commenters of your blog post. More specifically, a blog post without any comment is a party with no people. Thus, this is compared to a body without a soul. Never think about this act as an obligation. This ought to be done as a means of extending your gratitude to the people who opened their door in discussing welcoming and appealing matters with you inside the blogging community. Do the same act to those individuals whose comments you deleted to explain them what happened in a professional way.

Final Thoughts

Success in blogging never tastes this great. Happy blogging!


  1. aggree, u need to review 1st the comment before you post it.. lalo na ngaun ang daming spam comment na bigla na lang lumabas sa comment bar.
    agree ulit. sometimes you need to reply to the comment ng mga reader mo kasi feeling ko mas madami ka pang malalaman sa bgay na yun. parang palitan ng kuri-kuro ganyan..

  2. replying on the comments received plus visiting the sites of those commenters and comment back 🙂

  3. I also remove unwanted links left in my blog. Sometimes there’s this decent comment and related to the blog post but the commentluv is for mature audience. Spam blocker is definitely useful in the blog.

  4. I am a newly blogger and these blog was a huge help to me. I can apply these in my work. Looking forward for more informative post.

  5. Responding to comments is one that I want to do really…if only I have the spare time for it. 🙁 Great tips as usual, thanks!

  6. And don’t make it too hard for the commenter to leave comments on your post, like captcha and everything when you can moderate the comment yourself.

  7. There are lots of comment systems available. Using them properly will help to make a blogger successful.

  8. You are such a good adviser…
    Thumbs up for you SIR HERBERT.
    Friendly and most of all…

  9. Indeed you are very right with all the points. You have put it very nicely. Its all about writing useful things, commenting and interacting. Combine them together and you will be successful in blogging. Thank you..

  10. Great tips and it does helps if the blog owner moderates the comments to avoid spammers. 🙂

    It also helps to at least appreciate the readers who took time to leave a comment on your post. 🙂

    Kudos to you and this post.. 🙂

  11. I believe in you thanks many don’t realize it baut the truth it really helps in any blog to do so

  12. agree, I get soooooo many spam comments on my blog and niche sites (I used to not turn commenting off). It’s so annoying.

    Yung pinaka recent ko is this Samsung hdtv spam comment. I get it like hours after a post. They must be using some autodetect commenting software. I get the same comment continuously on two of my sites.

  13. Building a community is also effective if you allow commenting on your blog posts and follow up those comments with your own views…but taking effective measures to control spam is very much necessary.

  14. Sure blogging isn’t difficult, but I think that the difficult part is to have a good discipline and consistency. Main reason for bloggers fail is loosing interest in blogging.

  15. at first i taught that blogging is difficult but after reading a lot of post related to successful blogging. I decided to start to blog and make it very popular by doings different things to attract the visitors to stay more time on the blog. Now my blog running successfully without any problems.

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