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Can We Really Predict the Future of SEO?

What is SEO?

SEOSearch engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of improving how visible a website is through algorithmic or organic patterns. In essence, it is a technique that aids search engines find and rank a website against others.  The more frequent a website is searched, the higher the rank it gets. It helps user get traffic from search engines.

Due to the ever changing nature of this technology, and the need to innovate and recreate, the future of SEO is unpredictable. Search engines make changes constantly and will continue to make changes, it would really be hard to predict what lies in the future of this technology. It would also be hard to predict how your business can make use of this fast paced, ever changing technology and method of marketing and advertising.

There are a lot of things that need to be done to ensure that your site’s ranking will remain high or to still get the “top” spot. These may include creating backlinks, making sure that the content of your site gives you the most benefits of SEO, etc. What you need to focus on is to improve your knowledge on how to perform search engine optimization as the search engines change and evolve. Also, focus on how these search engines try to provide better search results to the end users.

There are some tips that your business can focus on to ensure that your company can maximize the benefits of SEO and stay on top of the ranks.

Basic SEO Tips

First, focus on the content of your website.  The content of your website should be of high quality and informative.  You would need to invest on coming up with a website that is most useful to end users so as your site will be visited more often compared to others.

Second, bear in mind that natural backlinks will always win.  This fact is related to the first one – website content is the key.  Creating a website with the most useful and informative content is the best way to come up with natural backlinks.

Third, focus on personalized searches.  Your company’s website should reflect the viewer’s or end users’ personal interests and connections.

Moving forward, it is firmly believed that personalized searches will expand in scope due to the fact that search engines are becoming more focused on integrating social profiles into searches.

Fourth, focus on optimizing for multiple platforms.  The evolution of the iPhone, smartphones and tablets now allows people to go online anywhere thus, giving them more time and avenue to access search engines.  Some end users may use their tablets or smartphones to search for information through the internet.  With these gadgets’ fast improvements and various upgrades of versions released by the manufacturers, it would guarantee that the expansion of internet information access will continue in the future.

Lastly, it is believed that social activity will increase in importance due to evolution of the social networking sites.  It has once been announced and declared that social signs are being used as a ranking factor.  In line with that the web is not showing any signs that it will slow down in relation to the expansion of social networking sites.

Final Thoughts

The battle for supremacy of who’s going to be on the top seems to be elusive as things changes from time to time.  Someone may take the lead but not for long.  In my point of view, SEO is just a never-ending battle.

Thoughts? Do you have something in mind? What are your predictions for SEO?


  1. Yes , No one can predict what will happen in future in both Internet and Our life. Thanks for sharing the article with us Herbert!

  2. Hi Herbert, the whole business of old school SEO needs to be revamped. It seems like what worked yesterday is no longer valid and everyone is scrambling to figure out what they can do next. I have always believed that if you have good content the rest is just fluff!

    Thanks for the post.

  3. Malds Menzon

    Content that provides value is in my opinion the best SEO strat that will never become obsolete. As long as you provide valuable content, there will always be a way to generate and maintain traffic.

  4. Herbert, this goes along with what I have been writing about on our BroadVision Marketing Blog. I believe that we must use many different methods to make sure that our message gets across. Great quality articles are the first, SEO and backlinks come next and then come various other methods. We must not put all our hopes in any one method. Great post on the importance of the first two.

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