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Is Video SEO an Effective Strategy?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of improving how visible a website is through algorithmic or organic patterns. In essence, it is a technique that aids search engines find and rank a website against others.  The more frequent a website is searched, the higher the rank it gets. It helps a user get traffic from search engines.

video seo

Some companies use videos as their website content.  The video shows what the website or the company is about.  It gives a demonstration of what services the company can offer and what products they have and which market it intends to cater to.  This is in response to the massive increase in the number of people who      view online videos.

Moreover, video marketing is becoming more popular.  This is because it attracts more audience, can convey the message faster and more creatively.   Videos have been accepted as a vital part of SEO.  It is also considered as one of the best ways to promote your website.  It has been considered as an effective strategy in promoting your site because it creates more diversity in your website’s content.   Moreover, it reaches a broader network of audience and helps deliver your message powerfully.

To optimize your video SEO, there are some tips and tricks that you can do.

First, the title of your video should be able to target the keyword/s so that it can easily attract network traffic.

Second, put captions on your video.  Putting captions can increase the videos accessibility to the users.

Third, the video should be created and submitted in the right format.  This allows the video to be stored in the search engines good books.

Fourth, optimize the video’s URL.  A URL is the address of the video and one way to optimize it is by including the title of the video in the address.

Fifth, create a short video only.  Short, but complete, videos attract more end users since it is easier to watch and would not bore them.

Lastly, inform everyone about the video.  After uploading it, make sure that your network is informed so that they can watch it and increase the ranking of the video.


Video SEO Explained

Benefits of Video SEO

  • Video SEO can reach a wider target.  It allows your message to reach more people specifically with the use of social networking.
  • Video SEO has been getting the most valuable links.
  • Regular uploading of videos helps create an image that shows your expertise.
  • Video SEO is the easiest way to create network traffic.  Once your video has been uploaded, it can be visited and shared by your network. Once this happens, the number of people visiting your site will increase, thus generating network traffic which will help your ranks to go higher.
  • The video content can be altered and edited anytime there is a need to. This allows you to update it easier.
  • The video that you upload will attract more people since it would be more interesting to watch than to read a plain text.

Final Thoughts

More and more people are watching videos on the internet. Taking your SEO campaign on different level could help you reach your goals on dominating the rankings in search engines as well as gain more leads and sales. If you are the type of person that can’t cope up with the rapid changes on the net due to some other factors, one good thing to consider is hiring a reputable SEO company that offer this kind of job and can get the job done for you.


  1. I’ve read before that using different forms of presentation online can boost your SEO ranking. I am also incorporating videos on my post and I think I better get serious now.

  2. Interesting. It looks like lots of people like this but not a lot of comments. I have used video in the past and intend to use again as it does get great results.

  3. hahaha sabi nga ng isang kaibigan kung isang SEO video blogger mas mabilis daw ang hits pag video ang gagamitin compare sa article..

  4. This is new to me. Thanks for sharing this helpful article! 🙂

  5. Yes, videos easily get people’s attention than the plain text. I think it is because of our innate curiosity.

  6. Interesting! Videos are becoming more and more common now. Just as people’s attention span is getting lesser and lesser. hehe

    Youtube is the next biggest search engine next to Youtube 🙂

  7. The only videos I include in my posts are music videos. wahahaha will get serious on this 😀

  8. you’re right. videos conveys messages easily. thanks for the tips!

  9. Videos are really powerful tools on the internet. I haven’t tried incorporating a lot of them on my blog though ’cause I think it’s a little challenging.. ^^

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