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Five Ways Babysitting can be a Better Part Time Job for Teenagers than Blogging

I am a big admirer of blogging, and I think it is a pretty legit way of making money for teenagers or students, but I think all this hoopla on Internet is making it appear a lot simpler and easier than what it really is.

Just because you can do it from home, doesn’t makes it the best option for earning a part time income, and you shouldn’t be closing your eyes from a number of money making opportunities in real life. For example working as a babysitter? Especially if you are mature enough and possess the right skills.

There are many reasons why a simple babysitting gig can supersede blogging when it comes to making money, let’s have a look at those reasons.

No wait

babysittingNo matter how good of a writer you’re, and no matter how unique is the theme of your blog … it is supposed to take quite some time before the blog can start generating some income, on the other hand, getting a babysitting job means that you will start earning instantaneously. Whilst a blog can take up to six months before it starts getting good enough traffic and clicks, you’ll already be earning good money from a couple of babysitting jobs during this time.


Talking of the months that a blog can take before it turns into a money making venture, you must know that it’s not only wait, but lots and lots of hard work as well. In the beginning, a blog will take quite some toiling, from setting up a domain to installing a theme, identifying the right keywords to writing posts on regular basis, trying to optimize your blog for search engines to social networking, and all that. Whereas, babysitting doesn’t require any effort apart from the time you will spend in housekeeping or caring for the children.

Good Earning Potential

Don’t let yourself get fooled by the six figures income flaunted by some bloggers who are trying to sell their e-books or some good-for-nothing training courses. Truth is that few blogs manage to reach that level, and a big majority of bloggers aren’t earning anything of significance. Babysitting gigs can pay as much as $17/hour, which is quite good when you compare it with the rates offered on some of those freelancing jobs websites.

Real World Experience

Internet is a great place, and you can learn a lot, but there’s nothing that can replace the real world’s experience. All those success stories coming from the World Wide Web doesn’t mean that Internet has taken over the real world. Doesn’t matter how much advancement we see in the technology, Internet will always remain an inferior option? For example, when you’ve completed your studies and you go out looking for a job, very few employers will understand or appreciate your experience as a blogger (unless of course if you were blogging on your respective field). But the point is that it will take a long time before cyber world’s experiences or achievements can be considered equivalent to the real world.

No Stress Whatsoever

It’s not that you don’t have to worry about anything while working as a babysitter, but the mental stress is far lesser than the stress associated with the blogging. While blogging, you will find your mind continuously stuck at thinking for new topics, your Google rankings, and monetizing, even when you’re away from your PC, which is not the case with babysitting.


  1. I think babysitting is a good thing to consider but I guess not everyone are having their babies babysitted, in my part, I would stick to blogging.

    Good points Bashir

  2. yeah I agree 100%. it is really quite disappointing to see the kids nowadays too hooked with the internet. they dont have physical activities anymore, weird coz during my time I rarely stay at home. I even have 1 nephew who is so fat due to lack of exercise. He wants me to buy him that thing for PSP (sorry I don’t know what its called) and I told him I will if he will clean my house everyday for 2 weeks.. hehe and it worked! He’s cleaning and getting healthy and earning at the same time. 😉

  3. @voupons it’s true that blogging might be more doable for the majority as compared to babysitting that’s not feasible for everybody but my main point was what Violy has stated in her comment i.e. don’t get so engulfed in the online money making opportunities that you start overlooking the opportunities arising in the real world.

  4. I agree on many points but personally, if I’m a teenager, or if blogging has been around during my teen years I’d do it that babysitting, I’m better with writing than babysitting….

    • That’s a good point you made Matsumoto, people should do what they are good at and or what suits them, instead of just following others’ footsteps.

  5. I wonder if there is a market here for babysitting. I don’t hear teens talking about babysitting to earn money.

    For me, I rather blog. Yes, it might take super long time to monetize it but it’s all about brand building so it’s all about perseverance.

    • Yes, babysitting is not a viable job in many parts of the world, but then there will be some other opportunities in the real world around you. Of course, if someone have the patience and persistence to toil for months in blogging, and keep doing the right thing, then surely the rewards can be long term as compared to babysitting

  6. I actually started blogging just for a hobby. I became really interested to monetize it though, but yes, it’s REALLY HARD, especially in my niche — food.. 🙁

  7. Yes some niches are hard to monetize, no wonder you see a big majority of bloggers opting for tech or make money online as the core theme. On a side note, I don’t see adsense on your website, any specific reason for that?

  8. Such and eye-opener posts for teens. I wish them all the best!

    • Apart from wishing them all the best, I’ll suggest them to make the most of this wonderful age when you have got all the time and energy to try several different things, you never know what’s going to work for you unless you give it a try

  9. I personally believe that blogging is only for people who have a hell lot of time on their hands. You have to learn a lot more than just putting up your blog and learning takes a lot of time which is very different from the time when you will actually do what you have learned. And you have to be patient, which is impossible for people wanting to earn a lot of money immediately.

    • True that John, starting from learning the set up to keyword research, link building, using social media, “legit” ways to monetize, there’s just so much that you need to master

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