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Effective Ways to Online Success of a Business

There are many ways to gauge the success of a business.  Traditionally, the existence of a business is one of the most known and used gauge when it comes to the success of a business. Should you have witnessed a business whether locally or internationally from your childhood and it still exists until this time that you are reading my article, that business should be a large one and is very successful. It cannot stand long enough in the market if it’s struggling with sales and production.

businessNowadays, it’s not only the longevity of a business that can measure its success. In fact, there are many businesses that have only been established recently and can already be considered successful when it comes to their scope. What can be these business’ secrets? Could it be something we can also do for our own business to achieve success?

In my personal opinion, a business can be successful if there is a monopoly of the service they are offering because there is no competition available. Consumers will only get the product they need from only one supplier because no one can do the same business. On the other hand, other successful businesses are those who know how to follow what is in and what’s the latest fad. Since they are offering what’s the most interesting item for so many people, there are able to take a cut on the budget intended by many individuals in their budget so they are not left behind.  Therefore, business owners should be able to consider these in making their business successful either online or offline.

One of the many successful strategies of business nowadays is marketing the business online. Setting up a website may not be enough because it will not be useful if the website is just right there standing and doing nothing. One of the challenge with a business website is how you can make many people learn about your website, be interested in what’s on it and how you can finally make them decide to give it to what is being offered by your website.  In order to do this on your business website, it is best to make a research on how you can make your website visible to prospective market. Should you have no time to do this and you have enough budget there are many online marketing professionals who will be more than willing to offer their service to you for a certain cost.

Publishing your business on social networking sites such as Facebook and Multiply is also another way to find people who will regularly check your business website for updates on the products and services you are offering.  Another advantage of having this is that you are not only showing your advertisement to your direct customer but their friends in their network as well.  For example in Facebook, if someone liked your business page, all of your updates will be showing on the account of the person who liked your page.  At the same time, all of your updates will also be showing on subscriber’s page therefore all of the people in his or her network will become aware of it as well. Isn’t that a great marketing strategy without causing you a lot of effort, time and money.

Being able to send a viral marketing message about your business online is a lead to have a successful online business. These messages once it reached many people will surely go back to the website that tickled their interest to check what in store for them.  So make sure you send the most intriguing, useful and interesting message about your website to come on many people who can be your prospective customers.



  1. Thanks for this, I have a lot to learn about monetizing my blog. Before all I wanted was to write but as my bog evolves, there’s no denying the fact that I need to incorporate some smart ways of using it to maximize it.:)

  2. Hi Herbert,

    Just having a website that’s sitting there is definitely not enough. The big word this days is “engagement”.

    I always tell people that a website or blog is no more like a corner store that nobody will ever be able to find unless you advertise it. social media is the best media to let people know about your online store.

    Thanks for this great post 🙂

  3. Social networking sites are really helpful. By utilizing some online tools, your business will be successful.

  4. boss alam mo pude ka na pag turo pag may blog conference ang galing eh…. everytime i read ur post nakakahuha ako ng mga new information about business blogging.

  5. Engagement…the key to having a successful blog or successful “blogs.” Lovely read.

  6. You’re right! 🙂
    And it is also important for mortar and bricks businesses (not only for those online) to set-up an online presence, to be effectively successful on their business. I also think that quality products and services are still the best, plus socializing and connecting to loyal (and future) clients through new media that available free on the internet.

  7. nowadays, social networks play a key role in online marketing.

    thanks for sharing this informative post.

  8. Social networking can be an effective tool to promote the business. Sadly some business owners doesn’t know how to make use of it properly. Not only is it easier to spread the word about the business but it also helps the owners to reach out to their customers.

  9. There are lot of social networking tools in the internet and someone must know how to use it for their business/site to become more successful. This blog post is really helpful for someone who wants to monetize their blog/website.

  10. Couldn’t agree more. In the company that I’m working with, most of the inquiries we received come from our website viewers and learned about it through online forums and you tube.

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