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Facts and Benefits of Content Syndication

Most webmasters striving so hard just to drive traffic towards their blogs so as to increase their revenue. You might be familiar of backlinking and SEO but have you heard about the ‘Content Syndication‘? – it is the effective way of creating traffic to your site.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is when you are giving permission to anybody to post your copyrighted contents to their blogs or sites provided that they will leave your link intact. Content syndication can increase the number of your subscribers, enhance the traffic towards your blog, improve branding, increase your search engine rankings as well as increasing your revenue.

Here’s a quick definition of what Content Syndication is

You may be wondering how could content syndication could increase the traffic towards your site. It’s simple, when they read your content in other sites, and they will find it interesting, naturally, they will want to read more and thus they will click on the link which will lead to your own blog. If your blog is rich inn an informative and interesting contents, they would surely revisit and read for more. Everytime you syndicate your content, at the same time you are also gaining backlinks to your blog.

Increase in the number of your backlinks would also mean increase in your blog’s rank in search engine ranking. Backlinks are like votes that tell search engines that many people like your blog. And when you are on the top of the search engine rankings, that also means you had established your brand and you got an authority on your readers’ eyes.

Many webmasters would like to syndicate contents because of two reasons.

  • First, as stated earlier, content syndication could enhance traffic generation.
  • And the second reason is making your blog’s content rich and relevant by getting syndicated  contents that are relevant to your blog.

Not all webmasters are good  and effective writers, especially if you have to update it in a regular basis. That is why they just opt to get syndicated contents. The RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a web publishing tool that helps in accessing syndicated contents easily.

Content Syndication is beneficial for both content-rich and content-deficient blogs. Blogs that are rich in content would be able to expand and increase their ranking on search engines as well as attracting new readers. Content- deficient blogs would be able to improve their site by getting syndicated contents. By doing this, their blogs would look fresh, filled and always updated.

Content Syndication

Final Words

Indeed, content is the master key in the success of your blogs. But that does not mean that you only have to focus on writing articles. Of course, you have to make ways in which larger audience would be able to read it. What is the use of a content-rich blog if nobody reads it. The more readers you have, the more increase in your revenue. You have to educate yourself on the different techniques and strategies of search engine optimization or SEO. Since search engines would always update their algorithms, you should always be updated on coping up with these changes so you will not be left behind.

A lot of bloggers and site owners had been syndicating there contents and they have been very successful with it. Are you syndicating your contents?  If your answer is Yes, you just made a pretty awesome move. If your answer is No, I guess you should start syndicating your content now. Why? Simple. Its pretty easy and content syndication is proven to work.


  1. I think I should be syndicating my contents from now on. Thanks Buddy

  2. This is one of the essential things any blogger should take time to do, especially if you’re just starting out because this is one of the surest ways to get the word out about your blog and get people to come and visit. Thanks for sharing this, Herbert!

  3. This is why m thankful for groups we have to syndicate our posts…not all blogs are visited by many, such as mine, and with syndication I get to have a few visits from here and there. 🙂

  4. Content is key bit working through content syndication is one of the better ways to increase your traffic.

  5. There’s one Johns Hopkins scientist (who graciously visits my blog) I wish would consider content syndication. They’re a gold mine.

  6. it has been only lately that i’ve learned about the importance of content syndication, hehe. upon observing my blogs, i can attest that it really works!

  7. Content Syndication is a very good way to expose new reader to your newest article. You do manual pingling on Pingler.com.

  8. halleluyah to social networking sites…a haven for would-be “visitors”.

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