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Social Media Marketing Using Mezee Chat Rooms to Make Viral Buzz


According to studies, internet marketing has been a more efficient means of advertising than TV, magazines and newspapers. The world has millions of internet users utilizing the benefits of technology for various purposes and performs tasks important to their industries. Though there are those who use it for sheer enjoyment, one of the major voids that technology and social media fill is communication barriers. However, effective use of internet marketing for communication purposes must be employed. It is very important for an internet marketer to know where to place their ads to maximize opportunities for marketing.

Chatting and instant messaging is instrumental in harboring communication making every connection possible anywhere in this world. Therefore, it is a must that the best tool for such communication is employed and thus, Mezee chat is developed in order to address this need. Mezee chat is a great social media marketing tool that can be used to generate successful leads. One can interact in a variety of new methods using Mezee chats. It also has features that allow its clients to easily share multimedia files and reach anyone in the world. Using the Mezee chat will definitely boost your audience and interaction within your online community.

Reasons why social media marketing using chat rooms in Mezee chat prove to be beneficial.

Mezee is a social network featuring built-in chat rooms which allows its users to meet new people and talk to multiple individuals at the same time. Posting a marketing campaign in such social networking website will ensure a boost in a wide range of clients. One can use Mezee Chat’s social network database for viral marketing as it is packed with individual profiles and chat rooms along with a thousand users online every day. Different profiles are linked by this social network and using Mezee chat for viral social media marketing techniques can be acquired when you realize the potential of these thousands of users visiting the website.

Because of the thousands of users going in and out of this website daily, there is an assurance that your advertisement and campaigns will be noticed by possible clients. This broadens the scope of your ad. In using the Mezee chat, a lot of ways can be employed in posting marketing materials. One can post the campaigns in profiles and also put the advertisement on the sidebar. Interested users can see your ads when they click their network’s profiles.

MezeeYou can also use the chat feature which converge people from various places to talk about anything that interests them. These free chat functions can offer more access to connect to your target market. The people in chat room are stagnant and are more prone to click interesting advertisements as they stay in chat rooms longer. It would be very hard for them not to notice your campaign.

With Mezee chat being a free service, every marketing strategy you employ is definitely efficient. You won’t have to spend a penny or pay for the traffic that would lead people into your site. Signing up for this website, users have the mentality of free service so there is opportunity is at its peak in these kinds of chatrooms and social sites.

You must know that people are desperate for communication and with the advent of the Internet, communication is easy. Social media marketing using chat rooms in Mezee Chat is great because more and more people register for its free service. Your target clients will see your ads and your website traffic and web presence growth will be uphill.

Bottom line: Mezee chat has the viral campaign necessities for social media marketing. It is a venue for people to see your ads and develop them into possible clients without spending too much.

Julieth Gonzalez, Social Media Marketing. Mezee INC


  1. Not really fond of chatrooms, even from way back YM and ICQ days. LOL.

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  3. Great addition for Social Media will try it out very shortly thanks Peace

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  5. I think chat rooms can be an excellent source of traffic and awareness for a product and with an established network in mezee chat rooms then its a win win situation.

  6. A great learning experience and Hopefully more people can learn from this post what I have to say is Thank you for the effort in sharing this post!

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