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Why Businesses Should Start Using Google+

It seems that all things are vastly transitioning to online. There’s online friends, online books, online stores and of course there are already online businesses. With these vast transitions, one must always be up to date in order to get ahead of their competitors. Getting ahead of your competitors is a great deal; it could put you in a top position and could even increase your sales to a maximum level. Most small and even big businesses are now using Google+ for their businesses. The question is why.


Reasons why businesses nowadays should prefer to join Google+

For those tech savvy persons, Google+ has its own advantages when it comes to business. Through Google+ one can follow your business and link to your business profile and allow other people to check on your business.

Google+ offers “Google Places” where one can locate a person or a business with a map on the Google site. The best part is, your business will end up on the top list of Google search, this makes it easier for people to locate your business and find more information. In fact, your business will appear on the top searches without doing anything, Google+ does it for you once you have established your profile.

Google+ can definitely increase traffic to your site. So if you have an online business such as an online store then this is a great way to boost your company’s name.

Google+ also offers their feature “Google Hangout.” This is best for people with small businesses. Here you’ll be able to connect with your friends, colleagues at work or even to your prospective clients through the use of live video chats. You can establish rapport and connect effectively. This way your prospective clients will see how you look like and can see if you’re sincere or not.

Google+ offers SEO ranking. One could easily spread the name of their business and increase traffic to their website through SEO. Writers can write articles and use SEO keywords and direct traffic to your site. Readers of online articles will have a better chance of reading and learning about your site, this brings recognition and eventually wide world spread of your business name.


Final Thoughts on Google+ for Business

Overall, even though Google+ isn’t as big as other social networks like Facebook yet this is advantageous. How? Because Google+ has only enough users, this makes it possible to spread your business to all users easily and fast unlike using Facebook which currently has 800 million users. Google+ currently have 40 million users, it’s quite small compared to Facebook yet it can definitely provide positive advantages for your business, all you need is to familiarize yourself and establish your profile and you’re good to go.

Whether you use Google+ or not, that is your prerogative however if you really want to succeed and be known then the wisest thing to do is use Google+, for some this might not turn out great but for most users even big businesses Google+ is worth using!



  1. Google+ has definitely emerged as a key player in the online marketing ecosystem and poses a challenge to Facebook’s domination of the social media space.

  2. Google has still a strong clout when it comes to social media so even if Google plus is not as big as facebook, it can still generate exposure for your business.

  3. I agree, Herbert. G+ doesn’t compare with Facebook (yet) but it’s really a great place to network and connect online with like-minded people. I’ve actually gotten to connect and establish relationships with a lot of people here through the hangouts and other features of G+ that have really benefited my growth as a blogger.

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