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Benefits and Importance of Having a Social Media Strategy

 All business, either small or big has its own business strategies that makes ones business successful. Social media strategy is one of the most common strategies used by all businesses. Social media is quite a large or broad topic to tackle. When we say social media, it talks about different forms. It can include magazines, social blogs, web blogs, forums online, social networks and a lot more. So if you own a business and would like to create an awareness of the existence of your business, then creating a social media strategy is something you should consider and prepare. The success of your business relies on the success of your social media strategies.

Social Media Strategy

So what are really the benefits and importance of a social media strategy? To better understand this, here are some of its benefits and importance:

Benefits and Importance of Having a Social Media Strategy

Having a social media strategy enhances your way of communicating with possible customers or clients. Humans are now into social media, most of us can’t get by a day or two without checking the twitter, the Facebook, and other social media portals where communication and spreading the word is the main focus. So if you have a social media strategy, this will help you in communicating easily with your prospective customers or clients.

Social media strategy can create effective awareness of your business or your brand. This is important especially if you’re a starting company that needs to spread the word about your business and increase awareness to all online users or even to those who aren’t using internet. As mentioned earlier, social media comes in different forms. So you can create a blog about your business, you can have a magazine feature your business; you can advertise your business through the help of radio stations and even TV stations. These are just some of the common social media portals that you can use to create awareness and eventually popularized your brand or company.

Social media strategy is a great way of boosting your sales. By creating a strategy on how to reach different types of consumers using different types of social media forms, then you can be sure your sales can soar high! Let say for example you want to target young generation customers. By using Facebook, you can easily reach youngsters on their Facebook accounts. If your target consumers are professionals who don’t have the time to check on Facebook, yet gets update in a form of newspaper or magazines, then publicizing your product, your brand, your company or the nature of your business if effective through newspapers or magazines. There is also a new way of reaching people; it’s either through e-mail marketing or mobile marketing.

Final Words

These are just a few benefits and importance that social media strategies can provide your business. These strategies are not just for business purposes; these can be created for personal reasons. Creating social media strategies in short is something that could make your business successful or prosperous someday. You may not feel it right away but in the long run, your perfectly planned social media strategy will take effect and by that time, you will be just sitting and watching your business grow.



  1. Yeah your right !!!having a business strategies makes your business to be successful even if , it is small or big business…from small business it will become big soon by using your strategies…

  2. Business Strategies are very important for those people have their own business..Even if they started from small business maybe someday ,God will help you to make your business to be successful.

  3. thanks for this post. you are right, having a proper and a better social media strategy helps always. It helps you to have better online presence and marketing online. a nice and a useful post on social media.

  4. social media has been helping me promote my sites..you are right

  5. Thanks for another informative post. Social Media Strategies are now widely used by business due to the possibilities of global audience.

  6. Social media strategy has really a big impact when it comes to a business.Setting this strategy is equals to more viewers and opportunities.

  7. The social media strategy outlines how your organization will use channels like email, Facebook and LinkedIn to foster the relationships necessary to transform those business goals into reality.

  8. I agree, that is why most companies these days had their own social media pages on their online website just to generate more awareness and traffic to their website as well as on their products! Great article!

  9. I don’t know how business and blogging would be without Facebook or Twitter.

  10. Herbert, you are so right about having a strategy. It’s just that whatever I try is not working for me. So I try something else. Thanks for reminding me to keep trying.

  11. In everything we do we need to have strategy. I think this is one tool that will guide you to achieving your goals. And for businesses now to have a wide reach, they’re also engaging in social media.

  12. defintely, social media plays a very important role in business, marketing or even bloggers like us. How thankful we are that there are social media that offers free service to us.

  13. It is true social media can do good for your business. Thanks for the great post.

  14. Thank you for the great post indeed. Social Media strategy definitely plays a huge role when it comes to business to be able to advertise your company or your products worldwide. Good thing us bloggers are also able to avail the social media strategy by being able to use these other social media networks for free just like what mommy Jheylo said. Finally I am able to comment on your post.

  15. I agree, having a social media strategy is extremely important. Especially when we look at how much time the youths of today spend interacting on it. Social media is a great way for good information to get passed to interested parties through “word of mouth.” Great post!

  16. Social medias are very popular nowadays and business owner will make more profits if they advertise their products from the social medias. They can gain more customers and enjoy their products 🙂

  17. You are definitely right about social media. I use this for my online activities such as blogging and sales tactics.

  18. A good business strategy for advertising, marketing and sales is important for the business to succeed. And because of competition, advertising and marketing through social media could be the business’ best weapons.

  19. Good thing social media has become so popular these days it benefited everyone!

  20. social media is absolutely a big help for companies esp those promoting products.. with the help of SM they reach unlimited people internationally

  21. One of the benefits of Social Media is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. It not only helps you get traffic from search engines but also generate good backlinks regularly.

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