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How to Build a Strong Online Presence

Whether you are advertising your business or your services, one of your primary goals is definitely building a strong online presence. How to make people become aware of you and what you can offer is the backbone of any business in the 21st century. Failure to create an impression might spell doom to your business; therefore, the best and easiest way to start that awareness is through the internet. For one, the internet provides limitless possibilities if you know how to make it work for your advantage. Your goal, therefore, is how to strengthen your presence online.

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The first thing that will come to mind when you think about a strong online presence is social networking.

You simply cannot ignore the power of networking and the internet. Given the idea that we are just six steps away from any other person in the world and the influx of various social networking sites and social media tools, the task becomes a bit easier. The problem is how to manipulate or maximize the power of social media and social networks to build a strong online presence.

Social networking is about people.

Therefore, if you want people to take notice, you take the first step with your best foot forward. Whether you are establishing your reputation online or offline, it still pays that you make a very good first impression. More than your product or your services, how people view you will play a big part in the branding process of your company. Think about how Steve Jobs face immediately lets you think of Apple.

After you establish relationships in social networking sites, people will begin to take notice of you and wonder what you can offer them. This will lead to people visiting your website to learn more about you. It is, therefore, imperative that when they drop by your website, they will never be disappointed by a shabby looking site. Your goal should always be to impress people in every way to make them want to come back. Your website should look professional and interesting.

Another ingenious way to get noticed is to give out freebies.

People cannot simply walk away from a good offer especially if it is free. It can also generate a lot of attention and publicity. These freebies need not be expensive but something that will keep your clients or followers and potential customers excited and interested.

Finally, do not forget to make a follow through.

This is the most common pitfall of many companies. Once people came pouring in, companies think this is the end of the road to success. On the contrary,  your success will depend how well you take care of your customers by being in regular communication with them.


  1. thanks for sharing this post. Social media is a great way to have a great online presence, with time , all the online businesses need to have a strong online presence and social media is a great way for it. It helps great to have more users and also traffic to the website that helps get great business.a nice and a useful post.

  2. It is about communication.

    Prompt response is needed when getting inquiries. Followers tend to be in haste because their passion is still ignited from what they’ve learned from the “experts”.

    Forgetting to do this leads to failure. But sometimes, great timing is needed and a bit of delays in sending responses. Just be sure you make your followers and “inquirers” understand you of the incurred delays.

  3. Great post. Building an authoritative online presence is one of the most important keys to massive growth online and will ultimately put you growth on automation once you’ve built a name for yourself. Thanks for sharing this with our bizsugar community.


  4. Great tips, and I agree social networking is all about people, so you have to make the first step and get yourself out there, it is very hard to get noticed at first so be persistent.

  5. I find all of these valuable, For me, I think the most important one is to be human. No one likes a fake person in the real world.

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