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Why Chat Boxes Are Not Good For Your Website?

A long time ago, people get in touch with each other in town squares where they talk about anything under the sun. There they also meet new friends and establish business contacts, both new and old alike. Town squares have long been replaced by chat rooms and if you want to make it more private, you install a chat box in your own web site.

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If you a website that promotes your business or services, placing a chat box in your website can be a good idea to communicate with your clients and potential customers in a more personal way. You will also be able to specifically address problems and questions without having your clients sort through your replies as opposed to forums or comment boxes.

However, although a chat box lets you keep in touch with other people faster and easier, the question is if it really is good for your web site? Let’s look at a few reasons why putting a chat box in your web site is not a good idea.

Few reasons why putting a chat box in your web site is not a good idea

The main disadvantage of a chat box in your web site is it affects the loading time of your web site. Chat boxes, together with widgets and scripts, can make your website lag. The slow download time can drive away your customers because of having to sit down and wait for it. Don’t stuff your backend with non-essentials and lose potential customers because you’re making them wait long.

chat boxAside from causing your website to lag, spammers can use the chat box to put unnecessary text that will cause it to lag even more. Other people can use it to advertise other products by pasting links to your competitors’ websites. With this, you are being destroyed by the competition in your own backyard.

If spammers won’t get the better of you, then the pranksters might. They can not only post spam and pranks, but they can also post insults and curses on your website. Remember that chat boxes are not as private as you think they are. At times, what you have posted might continue to haunt you forever. This time, what happens in ‘Vegas’ does not just stay in ‘Vegas’.

Spam, unwanted advertisements, and cuss words are unwelcome realities in your web site which you need to get rid of. This means extra work for you as you maintain the site and if you do not know how, you will have to spend extra to do the dirty work for you. What seemed to be a harmless widget or add-on becomes something that can cost you a fortune.

Instead of a chat box, create a mailing system instead which is more formal and personalized. Replying to your customers through email will make them more special.

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