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Ways to Make Your Inbound Marketing Efforts More Effective

Inbound marketing, as opposed to outbound marketing, lets you attract customers by offering useful and interesting information in your website which leads to a sale rather than begging them to buy your product or use your services.

Generally, there are three basic steps involved in inbound marketing – you create eye-catching and useful content, you generate leads and convert them into something with monetary value (i.e. a sale), and you evaluate the methods you have used in order to keep track of your success and implement any changes when necessary.

inbound marketing

In this age of social media marketing, inbound marketing has been slowly replacing traditional marketing strategies which tend to drive potential customers away because of the aggressive approach used by marketers. As useful as inbound marketing is, however, many companies and individuals seem to be confused as to how to maximize it for their advantage.

The question still pervades – how can I make my inbound marketing strategy more effective?

Just like any methods or tools, the greatest ally of inbound marketing is time and timing. This means that it takes time before you can see the results; thus, you need to be patient and be discerning when to follow-up and when to just sit down. Which brings you to the next element – timing.

inbound marketingHow many times has a potential sale been ruined because you were too eager and caught your customer in a bad time, or too long in responding to a query or a follow-up? According to experts, the best time to call and turn your lead into a sale is 5 minutes after a person has viewed your website. If you take longer than that, you could lose an opportunity and a potential client. However, if there is good timing, there is also bad timing. Recent researches have shown that the best time to call somebody is on a Thursday between 8 and 9AM and between 4 and 5PM.

Furthermore, inbound marketing is not confined to a certain strategy or tool. Since your goal is to attract customers and turn them into a sale, you need to be as diverse as you can get to keep their curiosity which leads them to want more. You can do this by employing different methods and tools. And as you become more familiar with each of them, you can maximize its use become an expert in inbound marketing.

Finally, remember that just like any tools you use, you need to stick with the methods and tools you use in your inbound marketing campaign. Master them until you see the results. There are no shortcuts to success nor does a get-rich-quickly scheme provide you with long term results.


  1. Great ideas to improve inbound marketing strategies. Its everyone’s concern on how make a sale, and I think i should start by learning how to sell ourselves first. Any product will be a hit if the person or company behind it is known as reliable.

  2. I think inbound marketing is both more interesting and more informative to the customer and at the same time keep them interested to explore further where you can do your sales pitch.

  3. Inbound links measure the number of websites that link back to your website. It may be to a landing page, the home page or a blog posting, but these links help increase your sites creditability with search engines.

  4. The hardest part about inbound marketing is figuring out what your market will find useful so you can offer the information to them. One can always argue that if you know your market well enough, you’d know. This isn’t as simple as it seems though. Sometimes marketers think they know what people want but there’s a difference between what they think and what people really want.

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