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Automating Your New Hire Management Sequence – A New Spin to an Old Process

In the real world, “new,” more often than not, signifies new beginnings, new adventures, new experiences, new colleagues, new set of friends – a new life, so to speak. For the typical Human Resources department, however, it can mean a sequence of tasks called new hire management.

new hire management
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If you’re familiar with HR work, you probably know that it’s endless work. From posting job-available ads, interviewing applicants, selecting the most qualified candidates to getting a new hire ready for his first day on the job, it literally never ends – well, at least until an employee leaves the company for good. (In rare cases, even then, HR might still need to step in once in a while.)

Repetitive tasks and automation

Since HR work is a never-ending series of work, automating repetitive sequences can lead to more tasks done in little time – efficiency at its best. And because efficiency is such a game changer in this fast-paced business world, putting the best possible automation solution in place can be crucial.

This affords you more time to concentrate on more important tasks, like assessing personnel performance against their individual goals, conducting seminars that boost workforce morale, and so on.

In general, new hire management is comprised of the following steps:

  • creating a new hire dossier
  • sending the new hire a list of documents for submission
  • waiting for the documents to be submitted and/or completed
  • verification of documents, if needed
  • submitting a copy of the new hire’s dossier to the concerned department manager
  • creating a workspace for the new hire, IT credentials included

The process usually also involves the following participants:

  • HR manager
  • department head
  • IT administrator
  • accountant or payroll department supervisor
  • training specialist

Imagine having to do every step in the sequence manually, contacting and following up with the participants one at a time. That might actually take a while before you get to the finish line. And if you happen to be on-boarding at least a dozen new hires at the same time, that can take, well, a darn good while, which can possibly contribute to your already swelling backlog.

If there’s an easy way to develop tension headache, this got to be it.

Benefits of automation

Aside from saving you more time and the beginnings of a migraine, automating routine paperwork comes with a whole host of benefits. These include more accurate and timely reports; speedy delivery of information to pertinent departments; very low, if not zero, confusion rate; and exceptional overall experience for the new hire, among so many others.

If you’re on the lookout for a new hire management software that will allow you to preview its effectiveness in your company’s unique HR environment, Comindware, a business solutions provider, offers a 30-day free trial that you can revoke anytime.

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