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What is Exchange Hosting Solution?

With cloud computing becoming more and more popular and preferred by businesses because of its efficiency and ease, not to mention the security, the IT industry is evolving introducing new software for more ease and convenience. And one of the latest developments in cloud services is exchange hosting solution.

What is Exchange Hosting?

Exchange hosting is a software product developed by Microsoft that allows you to collaborate much more easily and conveniently with others. It is ideal for businesses and organizations because it allows people to access, exchange and share events, documents, and files with each other wherever they are through various platforms.

Exchange hosting services not only give you all of your email folders, but also other functions such as tasks, appointments, and contacts. Moreover, you do not need to worry where you will access your email – through your laptop or mobile phone – as all of these are automatically synced, integrated, and stored in a central location.  Through these features, you can access and update your files and reply to your emails anytime, anywhere. You can even review any updates on your on your mobile phone while standing on the bus to work.

Exchange HostingAside from the convenience it gives, it is also a cost-effective alternative to small and mid-sized businesses. Traditionally, businesses maintain their own exchange server to handle the company’s thousands of emails and documents. Despite the vastness of information, it is still considered an excess for a small business to maintain its own server as it does not need that large capacity for such tasks. Therefore, exchange hosting solution is the perfect alternative because of the same services it offers at a much cheaper amount. Depending on how much you need, some exchange hosting services lets you pay for as low as $5.95 a month up to a maximum of $12.95 a month.

Because it is hosted by an exchange hosting company, you are also assured of expert support on a 24/7 basis which you can reach in case you encounter some technical difficulties. This also means you spend less money compared to hiring someone to maintain your own exchange server.

As for the question regarding security and reliability, exchange hosting services are powered by Fortune-500 network that complies with the strictest standards required by the industry. This network is designed to be upgraded so that you can integrate new information and network components as your company grows. Moreover, these networks are backed up by a dedicated back-up system and have redundant components to ensure that you always have available service and zero downtime.

Therefore, if you are always on the go and wants to be constantly updated regarding tasks, emails, and appointments, an exchange hosting solution is the best route to take.

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