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Blogging as a Hobby and Much More

Words are like swords; they can cut, lead or change a whole civilization. If an individual has the capacity to make the most out of the words they are capable of thinking and saying, they should seize that chance to have their voice heard and their novels read, thinking that maybe it can make a difference.

Freelance writing is one of the silent, yet in demand jobs there is worldwide. In reality, a rookie freelance writer earns an average of 40$ a day, that’s 14,600$ a year. Professional writers can earn around 100$-300$ a day or 109,500$ a year, an average salary a college professor gets. The amazing thing about this is that these freelance writers are usually people with day jobs. So imagine the monetary benefits a full time freelance writer gets in a year. Really big, right?


A freelance writer usually starts small. They are often individuals who would like to release their tensions and problems through writing. Most freelance writers are seasoned bloggers who started writing as a hobby. How can this simple hobby be a solid foundation in being able to be a successful freelance writer? Every successful endeavor starts with simple baby steps. To become a seasoned writer, an individual needs to nurture his writing talent. What makes it easy for these people to do so is that they are doing something they love doing. It really makes a difference if a person does things whole-heartedly and happily. There was never a successful blogger who did not love blogging.

Blogging is a very defined activity …

.. but the places and the people these blogs reach out to may seem to be far but within a “clicks” reach. As a hobby, blogging can bring a sense of contentment to the blogger. The writer often creates a place where he is comfortable to be and say what they really feel about an issue, be open with their emotions or just simply be free to speak their mind. Little did they now that when they started to create a blog, they have already initiated to build a community. Bloggers from different sides of the world usually have a common stand or belief. Every time they bump into each other, they find a new friend, or an ally, or someone to back them up with the values and ideas they commonly share.

Of course, there are bloggers out there who makes a living from their blog. They make money from the hobby they enjoy doing. It is very incredible to discover, that the epitome of a professional can be achieved through the simple method of blogging. The much more important thing about blogging besides the personal satisfaction and the money that comes with it is the knowledge that a blogger continues to write and exceed what he has achieved one day to another because this makes him happy. Being happy in what we do, even with or without the personal or financial benefits we get from matters a lot on our lives.


  1. I agree that to do something well means that you have to really enjoy it otherwise it will just be a half a$$ effort. And its even better to make money when blogging because it does take time and effort to keep going at it on a regular basis.

  2. Being a web designer I am considering blogging as my next online venture. Seeing that there is a plethora of blogs on the blogosphere, I may have to continue to do more research on how to turn this hobby into a steady revenue stream! I would like to create a few to earn some money from them (since web design is coming to a crawl, thanks to all the free programs).

  3. Herbert, I am a blogger, but I don’t always love it. I write for other people and I have to write about what they want me to write about. That means I do a lot research and then I have to turn that into something new. Kind of hard work at times. But I guess I love it. I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t. Thanks for the reminder

  4. Hi,
    Blogging since 2011 and I don’t regret a moment. Blogging for a hobby and a way to get in touch with interesting people from all over the world. That’s my main reason for being a blogger.
    I really think that blogging for fun should be a FUN experience. Being on a schedule when you have a commercial blog is way more stressful.

  5. it is very important tip, thanks for sharing such an amazing article, keep sharing.

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