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The Truth About Making Money Through Blogging

There have already been a lot of forums and discussions talking about the reality of making money through blogs. Are they for real? Is it really possible to make money from a blog?

The truth is the possibility of making money online is there. It will always remain as an open opportunity for those who would like to venture on it. The capacity to make money online through blogging makes the situation differ from one blogger to another.


What are the ways or options a content writer can grab to be able to start monetizing their blogs? There is only one great rule a blogger should follow to be able to create a blog with superb potentials of making money. Bloggers should start creating contents with high quality.

Bloggers should always ask these questions before creating a blog

  1. What will my blog be about?
  2. Do I know a lot about the topic my blog would focus on?
  3. Am I credible enough to supply knowledge in information to the people who would be possibly reading my blog?
  4. Could I sustain my blog with quality articles on a regular basis?
  5. Will advertisers be interested in having their products and service in my blog?
  6. Do I have the basic knowledge I blogging, search engine optimization and other technical tasks that may affect the traffic as well as the monetizing potential of my blog?

Bloggers should never blind fully venture into blogging unless they are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to be successful. Blogs to be successful ones should be carefully planned out. What would your blog be about? Is it a photography blog, a lifestyle blog, a health blog or a beauty blog? To create good and consistent traffic, your blog should focus on a specific are. There are thousands of bloggers out there. For your blog to get noticed, you need to have something unique or different to offer.

Once you find your niche, the capacity to supply your blog with articles related to the topic your blog is about is the next thing to consider. Are you going to write the articles yourself or are you going to hire for help? The content your blog is the very essential component you should focus on. A senseless blog will never go far. Build an audience that will read your blog by creating content worth their time to be read. Once you gain and grow your audience, you can slowly monetize your blog. There are a lot of advertising sites that are willing to share revenues to you if you really want too, but the guarantee of making money instantly is not guaranteed. It all goes back to the quality of the contents your reader would be seeing in your blog every time they visit.

Making money through blogging is true…

…but it is only if the content writer will create decisions that will be beneficial to his blog. Making money though blogging is not an overnight process. It takes time and a lot of hard work for a blog to be successful.


  1. Not all bloggers are lucky enough in the blogging world. Yes, we can make money through blogging but you need to consider that there are things that you should do so that it will work.

  2. The truth about making money is hard to swallow! I have seen some bloggers post their earnings report, and some, well, a few seem to overstate their profits! I may be wrong, but, how can one make that much with affiliate marketing month after month after month? Still, it is hard to believe.

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