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Surefire Ways in Motivating Your Sales Team in Tough Times

In marketing and Sales, there are times worth celebrating. Times like reaching or even surpassing the target sales quota. But this is never constant in the realm of sales and marketing. There are times when the figures are low, and it seems that sales are dropping toward the abyss. This creates an awful feeling to men and women in the sales team. Worst, some of the sales team members undergo a state of frustration and disappointment.

It is a nightmare when this kind of troublesome times happens to the team most especially to the team leader. It is certainly a challenge to boost up the morale of the team during these times. Countless of ways would promise a result, but not all of them are effective. It may be hard for you as the team leader to alter the mood of the team if you don’t have the right techniques.


There are a few ways in which you can use to turn your team’s mood upside down. It may not be the best one, but it will surely motivate the team during tough times.

Let’s begin with the things you should do as a leader.

  • As a leader, you should set an example. Being the person who is leading the team, certain responsibilities are given to you. This includes responsibilities for motivating the team.  During tough times, you should show to the members that you are at ease.
  •  Avoid showing any weaknesses like discouragement and fear. Rather show to your member that you are courageous enough to move on and overcome tough times.
  • Show eagerness to overcome this trail. The worst mistake that leaders can commit is during times of crisis they are the first one to panic. Avoid doing this and lead the team to encouragement.
  • Gather information that is crucial for your team’s success. You may want to invest time in getting facts that are of enormous use in motivating your team.

Now that you know how a respectable leader responds to tough times that are inevitable. Handling the members is the next thing to do. You should be able encourage members to continue on with their job by having group sharing.  Be sure that each of the members are able to express their feelings and frustrations. This kind of activity helps each member release the negative emotions dwelling on them. Negative emotions create discouragement and may distract a person’s focus to the job.

You may also want to create a team building activity. During this time, you can discuss all the facts you’ve gathered before that will help in motivating the team. You and your team may also discuss some ways and strategies to increase the sales and make the target attainable. This kind of activity not only motivates the team, but it builds friendship and develops teamwork.

The greatest motivating factor for the whole team is by telling them that some events are unavoidable. When a leader is very much determined to overcome tough times the entire sales team would follow.

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