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Easy Ways To Make Money With Blogging

In these high-tech and web-driven times, there are a lot of innovative ways for making money online, and one of them is through “blogging”. Making money with blogs has never been as- easy as today, with blogs becoming more popular and more mainstream. But turning your regular blog into an effective money-making money is not that easy, because you will need to post interesting and helpful content regularly, and spread your revenue potentials to different streams or avenues, to bring the type of income that would allow you to quit your regular day job, and work as a freelancer.


Here are 4 easy ways to earn money with blogging.

Sign Up For Free Blog Services

The first step would be to sign for free blogging services like Google Blogger, WordPress and others. Determine your niche or favorite topics, whether you like talking about sports, politics, current affairs, events, car, women and even sex. And when creating content, make sure you are witty and informative, and your articles are interesting and useful.

Blog Consistently

And to promote your blog, make it a point to consistently deliver interesting and useful content for at least six months, with three new posts per week. Remember that in order for you to apply for most blogging jobs, you will need to at least be an active blogger for six months.

Sign Up With Affiliate Marketing Programs

After creating your blog, and determining your niche, you could join affiliate marketing programs, where you will be able to post ads of your product sponsors, and earn commissions each time a sale is made through your blog. You could popular affiliate programs like Google Adwords, BlogAds, CrispAds and other popular programs.

Apply For Blogging Jobs

If you want to apply as a blogger, you could actually apply to blog networks like 451 Press, Wise Bread and others, but make sure that you’ve already been consistently blogging for at least six month s already.  You- could also visit blogging services such as the “Pro Blogger Job Board”, and apply for blogger job openings that are posted there.

Sometimes, blogs also get “sponsored” by a company or brand, especially if it likes the content posted there. Often times, some businesses or companies approach a blog which covers a topic or demographic that they are very much interested in.

However, you could also join popular online referral and affiliate programs like Commission Junction, Clickbank and Amazon.


  1. Why do people keep saying that it is easy to make money blogging? In my opinion, it is NOT that easy. I have followed all that you mentioned here on your article – but have yet to make any decent money! I think the internet is saturated with TOO MANY blogs that people have a wider selection of blogs to visit.

  2. Hi, Herbert!

    Just wanted to let you know your tips are awesome, sweet and simple and they’re helping me learn so much. I’ll apply this specific post when, as you’ve said, I’m steadily blogging. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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