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Multivariate Testing Solutions: What to Do When High Traffic Doesn’t Convert to Sales?

Multivariate testing is considered by most as a more advanced form of A/B testing – one that can accumulate and evaluate data generated by multiple components being tested at the same time. This particular method for testing may prove infinitely helpful if your bottom line profits don’t reflect the high traffic rate your website steadily receives. If this sounds familiar, then the good news is that you are already doing something right. You just need to figure out how to convert your efforts into actual sales.

Multivariate TestingIdentifying the Problem

Before you perform multivariate testing, it may help if you try identifying possible reasons for the low conversion rates of your website. For this, you may want to take a closer look of your website’s traffic data. You see, traffic is but a general rate of the number of people visiting your website. Different types of figures can come up if you start dissecting your website’s traffic data.

High Traffic, Low Rate of Unique Visitors

It could be that the traffic your website consistently gets may have only been generated by a small number of people. They are loyal to your site and they do buy your products or services. The problem is, there is not enough of them for your website to survive.

High Traffic, High Bounce Rate

Bounce rates refer to the number of visitors who only spend a few seconds on your website before quitting. The little they’ve seen of your website is enough for them to decide that you don’t have what they need. In this case, it may mean that your marketing campaign has the wrong target.

High Traffic, Low Crawl Rate

Crawl rates refer to the number of times search engine spiders “crawl” your site. The more times they visit your site, the more chances your website’s page or site ranking would increase. If you have high traffic but a low crawl rate, then it may be due to the fact that your website is not properly optimized for search engines. On the other hand, your high traffic could be due to long-standing effects of previously successful campaigns or plain word-of-mouth marketing.

In any case, you should consider yourself lucky that you have high traffic at it is – but if you don’t do something soon, that could be gone as well.

Multivariate Testing

Improve Conversion Rates with Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing can provide you with the solutions you need for improving your website’s conversion rates. Unlike A/B testing, multivariate testing can identify the best possible combination of variations for improving your website.

If you are pressed for time, you can always invest in a paid multivariate testing solution such as the ones offered by Maxymiser. When choosing a paid multivariate testing plan for your website, it would definitely be to your advantage if you pattern your criteria after what Maxymiser offers.

  • Immediate and efficient deployment – Time is precious so the best firms make sure to take immediate action once you give them the green light to perform multivariate testing on your website.
  • Focus on ROI – Focusing on an increase in conversion rates won’t always cut it. For conversion rates to matter, they must lead to an improvement in your ROI as well. A high return on investment means that everything you have invested in the past will be recouped – and you’ll even get to enjoy profit after that.
  • Enhanced and unique branding – For high conversion rates to last, your website must also be able to provide your visitors with a unique and compelling branding experience. One visit would be all it takes for your visitors to distinguish your website from the competition – and choose yours over the rest.

Last but not the least, the companies that offer the best paid multivariate testing solutions also make sure to recommend the most cost-efficient and risk-averse changes to their clients.

Most people would overlook the testing process because online marketers focus on getting so much traffic becomes so much of a priority that they think this is where it ends. Now having high traffic is not a big problem but if you’re getting high traffic and no sales, then that’s a huge problem. So the bottom line is, it’s very important to nit pick at every step of the way especially the one that converts all your hard work into online sales.

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