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Rebel Mouse – Social Media Aggregator

This a modern personal publishing service that pulls together all your social media feeds into a single and unified view. It means that you don’t have to log in to different social networking sites just to publish you comment or post. It helps you save up time from publishing post in all the social networking sites.

By using Rebel Mouse you would be able to automatically generate a personalize page of content gathered from different Social media sources and utilize the page to be your own homepage. You can also embed it to your own blog or website. The design is pretty much similar to Pinterest in which a basic grid design layout rolled out into a single page. If you scroll down more and more stuff are shown in the page.


Start using Rebel Mouse

It’s a great mobile apps to have if you like to constantly update your status on Facebook and twitter using your mobile device. It only needs you to register from one account like Facebook and you’re totally connected to other social media sites. Rebel Mouse works with Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google+.

To start using Rebel mouse you need to sign in and ask for an invitation. You provide your email address and request an invite in Rebelmouse.com. It is possible to reserve the username you want while awaiting for the email invitation to join from Rebel Mouse.

After providing all the sign-in information for your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts, it will gather all the status updates you post on all the social media sites you have and gather them together in a more visual view of all.

More control things that can be viewed

Organizing the things that gets to be displayed is a hard task especially if you edit them from one social media site to another. More often, it’s hard to properly organize all of them in one systematized way. With rebel mouse it allows you to have a more editorial control of the things to be displayed and where it would be displayed. It creates a basic automated view of all the status updates you posted. In addition, publishing tools are available so that you can edit the position of items by adding, deleting and properly positioning items in a pattern you want.

Free use for basic services

Rebel mouse do not charge a single amount for users to enjoy its service. Although it charges a few dollars for its premium service, getting the basic service is enough for a lot of users. Like any other web publishing services it offers personalized publishing service at no added cost. You can enjoy the basic services offered by Rebel mouse without spending a dime.

Here is a video on setting up your Rebel Mouse account. This is good for those who are just about to create their accounts at Rebel Mouse.

video credit: Barry Cunningham


The verdict

If you are the type of person who has a lot of followers in Twitter and Facebook using Rebel mouse would help you organize the status updates you post on all social media sites. Since rebel mouse allows you to connect to all the social media sites you registered in one page, then it would save you time and effort in logging in to each site.

Using Rebel mouse can be successful to one person and may not be too useful for another. You might as well try it for yourself to see if the app is useful to you. After all it’s free.

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  1. Herbert: RebelMouse is powering my personal domain Martin.Lindeskog.name. It is a place for my lifestream with content material from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog posts, etc. It is a great way of showing how much is going on in your different social media channels, in one place.

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