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The Benefits of a Social Media-Friendly Website

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Creating a social media-friendly website can be so rewarding and lets you enjoy the benefits that comes along with it. Here are some of the benefits that you might want to enjoy and might make you reconsider to create or transform your current website into a social media-friendly one.   The …

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Social Media as a Tool for Advocacies

 Social media has gain a lot of popularity in the recent years. There are about eight hundred million of Facebook users worldwide. Each of them is actively using it at least twice a week. This figure is partly one of many reasons why organization uses social media to be a …

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How Social Media Helped Election Campaigns

Election period is when politicians become marketers. What d they market? Of course, nothing else but their selves. The are introducing their selves and what they can do to serve the people. The lower the position they are running, the lesser the effort they will make, and the higher the …

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Does Social Bookmarking Still Works?

Social bookmarking has been an effective pagerank strategy for website owners and bloggers. However, many SEO marketers are scared because of the changes in Google’s search algorithms. But there are also marketers who still find social bookmarking to be useful even in the many changes made by Google. Social bookmarking …

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Should You Rely Too Much on Your Social Metrics

In today’s technology, almost everything goes online. And since lot of people use internet, marketers also have used the internet for their marketing, and most of these internet marketers use social media marketing to promote their products and services. Since the the use of social media marketing has becoming rampant, …

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Effective Tips to Gain More Online Followers

It is important for online marketers to have people following their online activities. The more followers they have, the better. Now the question is “How do I get people to follow me?” or “How do I make people to follow me?”. Online community are similar to the real world. Though …

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